.. News – Planetary Protection of Outer Solar System
PPOSS is a EU project
PPOSS: Planet Protection Outside of Solar System


What is PPOSS

Planetary protection is aimed to prevent contamination between Earth and other bodies in the context of space exploration missions. To ensure that scientific investment in space exploration is not compromised by cross-contamination, special care need to be taken by all actors and stakeholders. The basic mandate of planetary protection is: to avoid jeopardizing the search […]



PPOSS attending ASIME 2016

Asteroid Science Intersections with In-Space Mine Engineering (ASIME) 2016 The space missions of the asteroid miners rest on a deep knowledge of the physical properties of asteroids. However, because the two domains of in-space resources engineers and asteroid scientists have different dependencies on their funding streams, the two domains have been working relatively separately from […]

The PPOSS project Coordination and Support Action has received funding from the European Comission’s H2020 Programme (2016-2018) under grant agreement 687373.


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