.. PPOSS Tutorial – Caltech – Planetary Protection of Outer Solar System
PPOSS is a EU project
PPOSS: Planet Protection Outside of Solar System

PPOSS Tutorial – Caltech

TUTORIAL 2: PLANETARY PROTECTION 101, Caltech, Pasadena, USA, July 12-13th 2018

2018 Planetary Protection of Outer Solar System (PPOSS) tutorial, July 12-13 2018/ Caltech, Pasadena

The PPOSS project (Planetary Protection of Outer Solar System bodies) is a project supported by the European Commission Horizon 2020 programme for research and technology development. PPOSS addresses the issues of planetary protection dissemination of knowledge and of strategic scientific foresight for outer solar system exploration.

In 2017-2018 PPOSS – COSPAR is organizing a series of international seminars/tutorials intended to present planetary protection framework, policy and practices to partner organisations.

In this context, PPOSS – COSPAR and Caltech/JPL will collaborate on the organisation of a planetary protection tutorial at Caltech (Pasadena, USA) on July 12 & 13th 2018 (two full days).

Main Objective and attendance

The main objective of the PPOSS seminar is to provide a tutorial on the basics of planetary protection. The seminar will be structured around the current international policy framework for Planetary Protection and cases studies attached to the different planetary protection categories recognized in the COSPAR policy. The seminar will be held in English. Expected size of the tutorial is around 50.

Potential participants are:

  • Caltech/JPL engineers and managers involved in PP activities
  • Scientists, engineers, and managers in universities, industry, etc. who are involved in PP- applied missions
  • Nation-wide students and researchers in the field of astrobiology.

PPOSS Tutorial Caltech Agenda

Training Material:

1. PPOSS_JPL_Tutorial_2018 – Walter

2. PPOSS_Planetary Protection Basics_Kminek

3. PPOSS_COSPAR Planetary Protection Panel

4. PPOSS_Organization at NASA – JAS

5. PPOSS Planetary Protection at ESA-Kminek

6. PPOSS Tutorial-2018-JAXA PP-Yano

7. PPOSS-CalTec-Rettberg

8. PPOSS Bioburden Assay Sterilization – JAS

9 PPOSS_Case study category II_Kminek

10. PPOSS_Case study category III_Kminek

11. PPOSS_InSight- Bernardini

12. PPOSS_Case study category Va-UER-Yano2b

13. PPOSS_Case study category V, restricted Earth return_Kminek

14. PPOSS_Do’s and Don’ts – Haddaji

The PPOSS project Coordination and Support Action has received funding from the European Comission’s H2020 Programme (2016-2018) under grant agreement 687373.


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